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AAC Blocks Manufacturing Plant

AAC Blocks Manufacturing Plant

Approx. Price: Rs. 75 Lakh / Plant

Autoclave is a one of the large-scale steam device for AAC blocks manufacturing Plant, which is an important tool in the production of aerated concrete and autoclaved block. This sand can be used for steaming brick, flash brick, lava brick, aerated concrete block, cement stack and other cement products.

Our AAC Autoclave made of steel is a horizontal cylindrical device. The quality of AAC Autoclave is good, and its performance is reliable. AAC Autoclave is a pressure vessel and major device in the production of aerated concrete and autoclaved blocks. It is applied to the treated body or brick for high temperature and high pressure treatment. The working medium is saturated water vapor.

Applications Area of AAC Blocks Manufacturing Plant:

Autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) is the material of choice for building applications, such as residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings, hotels, schools and hospitals, etc. an excellent building material for all climatic conditions. It is used for all walls, external or internal, load bearing or non-load bearing walls, basement walls, infill walls to framed structures, party walls, fire break walls, etc.

Our Presence for AAC Blocks Manufacturing Plant:

We are having the powerful presence in all over Pune, Maharashtra, India in supplying AAC Blocks Manufacturing Plant. We provide machinery with support in import procedure, factory set-up, civil & shed set-up, local machinery selection, and purchasing, professional training to staff, successful production start-up, free after sales service and warranty.

Product theory of AAC Blocks Manufacturing Plant:

1) Technology point of reference:

The production and application of AAC block is a history of more than 40 years in China. Looking at the technology point, you can use 3mm special sand slurry techniques to meet high quality product construction requests and 50% energy saving goals. When the mortar joint is less than 3 mm, then take the thermal conductance coefficient of the wall as 1; when the mortar joint is more than 3 mm, then take the thermal conductance coefficient of the wall as 1.5. Depending on the history of aerated concrete development, only high-quality products can bring a prosperous market. Thus, the technology orientation of this scheme is of high quality products according to China standard GB11968-2006.

2) Production Capacity:

The product is aerated concrete block and the production is 150,000m3 per year. The first stage can be equipped according to 100,000m3 per year. Keeping the user's requirement in mind, there is a reservation of the plate.

3) Product Specification:

The products are in line with the requirement of 04 ~ 07 grade block described in GB11968-2006. General specifications of aerated concrete block process flow.

Main Equipment:

  • Cutting machine
  • Jaw crusher
  • Ball Mill
  • Side part
  • Autoclave
  • Molding
Other Equipment:

Disk Feeder, Belt Scale, Belt Conveyor, Pulling Machine for Sand after Mill, Slurry Pump, Slurry Tank, Dust Collector, Funnel Style Elevator for Lime, Belt Balance, Spiral Conveyor etc.

Application range:
  • Autoclaved Aerated Concrete AAC Production Line
  • AAC Plant is used for AAC products
Operation instruction:

When the piece work is done in the enterprise, one-shift production can be brought into practice, but the working hours should be long and the shift workers should be increased, and labor protection should also be done well. . If four autoclaves are arranged in step one and then certain persons are organized in a shift.

Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Plant
Frequency 50 Hz
Voltage 360 V
Power Source Electric
Power Consumption 40 Kw
Brick Type Solid
Production Capacity 1000 - 1500 bricks per hour
Autoclave Length 15 m - 20 m
Tolerance 0.5 mm
Grade Semi-Automatic