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AAC Plant

AAC Plant

AAC Plant

The autoclaved aerated concrete plant (AAC plant), also known as Autoclaved Cellular Concrete (ACC) or Autoclaved Lightweight Concrete (ALC), was invented by Swedish architect and inventor Johann Axel Eriasan in the mid-1920s. It is a lightweight, prefabricated building material that is simultaneously. Provides structure, insulation, fire resistance, construction economy and speed; AAC products include blocks, wall panels, flooring and ceiling panels and lintels. We are aac plant Manufacturer, aac plant Supplier, Exporter of AAC Plant and our setup is located in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

It has been refined in a highly thermal insulating concrete-based material used for both internal and external construction. In addition to the insulating capacity of AAC, one of its advantages in the construction is its quick and easy installation, the materials on the site can be rooted using standard carbon steel band saws, hand saws and drill, can be sanded, And can be cut.

Regardless of the regular cement mortar can be used, 98% of stacked buildings with AAC material use thin bed mortar, which comes in the thickness of 3 mm thickness. This national building varies by code and creates a solid and compact building member. AAC material can be coated with a plaster compound or cement plaster material. Siding material such as brick or vinyl siding can also be used to cover outside AAC material.

Why AAC Bricks Used?

There are so many reasons on below because of this we must be used AAC Bricks for any types of construction.

Environment Protection:

The first benefit of Autoclave Aerated Concrete (AAC) is designed for consumers who are conscious of the environment, it reduces at least 30% of environmental waste, more than 50% greenhouse radiation and more than 60% integrated energy on the surface of brick Helps in reducing.

Fire Defiant:

This gain of autoclaved aerated concrete is completely inorganic and is incomparable. The product is particularly suited for fire-rated applications.

Energy Saving:

Significantly good insulation properties of autoclaved aerated concrete receive a pleasant internal environment. In most cases the requirement of supplementary insulation can be avoided.

Light weight:

AAC bricks are one-fifth of the weight of concrete and are produced in easily controlled size.

Fast assembly on site:

The light and easy functionality of autoclaved aerated concrete product means that installing on the site is very fast.

Long life:

Autoclaved aerated concrete products are not affected by harsh climate conditions and will not be degraded under normal atmospheric conditions.


The exact construction process ensures that the autoclaved aerated concrete panels and blocks are always built in size because they leave the factory. This results in less trimming on the site and less use of mortar and finishing materials.

Features of AAC Plant:

  • Energy Saving
  • Easy To Install
  • Patience
  • Retardant
  • Low Weight
  • Energy-Rich
  • Precision