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Steam Boiler for AAC Plant

Steam Boiler for AAC Plant

Impulse Constrotech Private Limited is a primary Manufacturer and supplier of Steam boilers for AAC plants from Pune, Maharashtra, India. There are different dimensions of AAC plants; Our Steam boilers for AAC plants is recommended every year depending on plant capacity. For example, AAC Block Plant with capacity of 100000 co-operators per year requires 4 Φ2.68 × 31 meter Autoclave and 4 sets of 4/4 Steam Boilers. Customers can notify us of their production scale and requirement, we have industrial steam boilers, coal fired steam boilers, gas oil steam boilers, biomass steam boilers for aac plant etc. to meet the production line.

Why We Required Steam boiler for AAC plants?

Raw materials are mixed to make AAC block such as sand, lime, water etc. and pressed in comparatively loose stone compounds. We remember that by making clay pie in the sandbox. After this, the blocks are taken into a huge pressure vessel (autoclave) which then closes and steam is injected. We all know that the autoclave can improve the quality of the power and massiveness of the block by steam-curing, the steam is produced well by the steam boiler. Large amount of steam is required for the production of AAC Block Plant. In an autoclave aerated concrete (AAC) production line, building materials AAC blocks are made, but in this process, autoclaves, steam boilers for aac plant are also required.